Staying safe with COVID-19

Read below about how we are modifying our services due to COVID-19.

Ceri Jakobsen
Ceri Jakobsen

Pilates Studio
Start date of next session for group classes will be assessed early next week.

Physiotherapy Clinic
In response to COVID-19, we are offering Tele-rehabilitation (online physio) rather than in person physiotherapy, with an exception to those who need urgent care. We would really like to help keep you healthy and moving in this stressful time! For those who feel they need an in person appointment (urgent case) and want to avoid and lessen the stress on Doctors’ offices and Emergency rooms, please email me at [email protected].

How does Tele-rehab work?

It will be similar to talking over FaceTime or Skype, but it is a secure platform. Physiotherapists are required to meet Standards of Practice, so it will be the same expert care as when seeing a physio in person. A lot of what happens in a physio appointment is the physio asking you questions and asking you to do movements to help diagnose and understand your injury. This can still be done via tele-rehab. Education about your injury, advice on what activity to do and what not to do, and exercise prescription is a large part of a physio appointment; this will still occur with tele-rehab. The main component that can obviously not be done is any hands on manual therapy/release, but the physio can instruct you in different release techniques for at home.

What is needed for a tele-rehab appointment? You will just need a quiet, private space for the meeting, with a computer that has a built in microphone and camera (most do nowadays), and internet access. If you have a webcam, this makes the video even better, but it is not required.

How does payment work? Payment would be via e-transfer, and we will email you a receipt. Many insurance companies do cover tele rehab appointments – please confirm though with your company prior to the appointment if you are unsure.

Click here for a flyer from that provides you the steps for logging in to an appointment – it is very simple 🙂

If you are not keen on the tele-rehab option, we can re-book an appointment for May – please just let me know your preferred dates/times. 

Normal clinic hours are:

Mondays 11am-1:30pm and 3:45pm-7pm
Tuesdays 12:30pm-2:30pm
Wednesdays 11:45am-7pm
Thursdays 9am-12:30pm
Fridays 7:30am-2:30pm

Prior to re-opening, the clinic will be thoroughly cleaned with the advised products by the BC Centre for Disease Control, and equipment and surfaces will be cleaned between patients with advised product.  We will still advise: if you are sick, stay home (please email or call to cancel – cancellation fees will be waived if you are suddenly experiencing symptoms and need to cancel); hand washing will be enforced prior to treatment session and afterwards for both patients and therapist; stay home if you have traveled in the last 14 days (follow self-isolation guidelines).

Thank you, and please contact me with any concerns of a scheduled appointment.

Stay safe, 

Ceri Jakobsen, BScPT
Fine Balance Pilates & Physiotherapy


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