Staying Safe with COVID-19

Read below about how we are modifying our services due to COVID-19.

Ceri Jakobsen
Ceri Jakobsen

We are very excited to get back to working in the clinic! I will continue to offer Telehealth appointments to allow people to do their Physio visit in the comfort of their own home, but am opening to in clinic visits as well. We have developed enhanced protocols at the clinic to keep everyone safe and healthy. Please read the details below!

To book an appointment, either in person or via Telehealth, please email Ceri at [email protected], or phone 250-754-8586. Hours for in clinic appointments are: Mondays 12:15pm-7pm, Tuesdays 1pm-5pm, Thursdays 2:45pm-7pm, and Fridays 2pm-5pm.

A walk through your next visit at the clinic…

Please park in the parking spaces between the house and the clinic door.  Pilates class attendees will be asked to leave these spots open to Physio patients. When it is your appointment time, I will open the clinic door and give you a wave to come on in once the patient in the previous time slot has left. 

Hand hygiene
Please leave your belongings in your car.  If you need to bring your phone in, please use a disinfectant wipe to sanitize it.  Please use the hand sanitizer available upon entering and exiting the clinic.  Please also clean or sanitize your hands after being in the treatment room or touching equipment. 

I will be wearing a face mask, as suggested by BCCDC.  I will also ask that all patients bring and wear your own mask. During visual assessments and exercise prescription, distancing can be greater, but if you are wanting hands on treatment, 2m cannot be maintained.  With that being said, treatment is very adaptable – I will discuss with you whether you are comfortable with hands on treatment, or would prefer no touch – a lot can still be done via education and specific exercise prescription. If you are not comfortable with coming into the clinic setting, I would encourage you to consider a tele health appointment with me. 

Please plan to use your washroom at home prior to coming to the clinic. The clinic washroom will be saved for emergencies. I think we have all gotten used to now limiting use of public washrooms!

It will be difficult for you to drink water throughout an appointment, as you will be wearing a mask. But, if you know you need water during an appointment, please bring a water bottle.  If you need to take a drink while wearing a mask, you will need to perform hand hygiene prior to taking off your mask, as well as before putting a mask on. 

I would encourage you to pay via etransfer, and I can then email you a receipt. Second preference would be cheque – please write out your cheque to “Ceri Jakobsen” prior to entering the clinic ($90 for initial visit or 50min appointment, $80 for 35min follow-up).  I will be looking into getting other payment forms! 

Scheduling follow-ups
I would encourage you to schedule a few appointments in advance over email, if you know you will likely need follow-up.  Otherwise, scheduling a follow-up can be done after your appointment in the clinic, or via email afterwards. 

Cleaning protocols
The BCCDC has provided health care settings with cleaning protocols amid this pandemic – these protocols will be followed closely. 

Windows and doors will be left open if temperature allows, to increase air circulation, and minimize touch of door handles. 

Please come on your own to your appointment to best allow social distancing measures, whenever possible.  If a parent is needing to come with their child, the parent can stay in the gym space to allow 2m distancing, and certainly still participate as needed from there. 

Social distancing
We are lucky to have a clinic setting with a much smaller number of people passing through in a day compared to a larger clinic or public place, but please remember to keep 2m distance from others as much as possible. 

Any Covid/illness symptoms?
If you are showing any signs of a cold, influenza, or COVID19, please stay home. Services should be delayed until 10 days from the onset of symptoms and until symptoms resolve.  I will also be following the same guide for coming into work!